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Note: This information is not intended to instruct a person on finding a buyer for a primate which can no longer be kept or is unwanted. Rather, we hope the information that follows will serve as a guide for individuals in search of prospective placement which can provide proper, and hopefully, permanent care options for displaced primates.

Most people who enter into primate ownership do so with the intention of keeping the primate “for life”. Unfortunately, situations do occur which result in a primate having to be given up and placed. Besides the most common causes of surrendering ownership--sexual maturation and aggression--other factors are marriage/divorce, children, health, death, financial, relocation, housing, prohibitive laws and regulations, loss of interest...the list goes on. Anyone who has a primate can be affected by one or more of the above and may be placed in a situation of having to find a new home for a primate. Finding a good home can prove to be very difficult as there are very few people and organizations equipped to care for primates on a permanent basis. A few organizations do offer a primate placement referral service to private homes and/or sanctuaries. (See the list, Sanctuaries and Conservancies, at the end of this chapter) However, for those so inclined, the following information can help guide you down the complicated road of locating a good placement situation for your primate.



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