Primate Care Manual


The Ultimate Resource for
Quality Care and Understanding of Primates
in Private Captive Situations


Chapter Excerpt


An adequate diet is perhaps the single most important aspect of primate care. Without a proper diet, a primate’s health will deteriorate, leaving the animal susceptible to a vast array of diseases and miscellaneous disorders until it eventually succumbs.

A spacious, stimulating environment and the companionship of a fellow species are very important as well, but what good are they to a malnourished and debilitated primate? Basically, a primate should be fed in much the same way as a person who is on a health food diet: natural fresh foods with little or no preservatives, salt or sugars.

There is no need or excuse for any primate being cared for by an individual to suffer or die as a result of an insufficient diet, and yet it happens all too frequently. There are a variety of commercial diets on the market which provide the necessary nutrients needed by most primates commonly kept in captivity. For those species with extra dietary needs that are not completely met by commercial diets, there are various supplements on the market. (Refer to the Product Appendix)


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