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The Order Primates is made up of 14 families, 51 genera and over 200 species (including Man) of creatures outstanding in the world of nature. No other group in the animal kingdom combines such diversity--considerable intelligence, intricate social relationships, size variance, strength and athleticism. With such great diversity, each species will have distinct risks concerning caging and care. The needs of the individual primate can vary greatly as well. One rule which can clearly be stated for the normal, healthy primate is that there is no such thing as a cage too large or too secure. With that in mind, accept these pages as guidelines and provide the best facility that your finances and ability will allow.

Although some people acquire adults, many people who enter into caring for a monkey do so with a young infant or individual which usually starts out its life as a member of a human family household. As nonhuman primates mature, they usually become strong willed, dangerous and unpredictable, so when designing a cage to hold a monkey, every possible outcome of personality should be considered to safely and humanely house the monkey throughout its entire 20 to 40-year life span. The design should allow for feeding, watering and cleaning to be accomplished from either outside of the cage or while the monkey is locked into a sectioned-off area. Design your cage setup with safety and care features, so that a non-household person can safely and efficiently maintain the monkey in the event of your illness or absence for vacations, etc. It is a possibility that eventually your monkey might bite someone. Some rabies or animal control departments may allow the animal to be quarantined at home, if and only if; the cage is safe and secure and will reasonably prevent another attack from occurring. As most animal control facilities are not set up or experienced in primate care, having a well-designed facility could save the life of your monkey if quarantine ever becomes necessary. Many a primate has become stressed out, ill and died while in the care of an unfamiliar and inadequate animal control facility.



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