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Chapter Excerpt


Communication, the transmitting of information, occurs in all species. The very survival of primates depends on their ability to convey information within their environment. The social structure and group size of a troop will help determine how primates communicate, and how complex this system of communication is. This system in turn helps keep the troop together and in working order. For example, communication helps members determine who is who in the hierarchy, as well as who will be admitted or repulsed from the group.

There are four different types of communication in primates. They are:
TACTILE – for relating to the sense of touch
0LFACT0RY - of or relating to the sense of smell.
VISUAL - of, relating to, or used in vision. Attained or maintained by sight.
AC0USTIC - of or relating to hearing. Sound.

This look at the communication process in primates is divided into the New World and Old World. Although your interest may be for one over the other, both sections should be read as many of the aspects can apply to all species.


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